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Expires 6 months after purchase, Voucher is valid for Theme Suites rentals only., Voucher is valid for Sunday through Thursday night stays only., Voucher is not valid during blackout dates., All reservations require a 48-hour cancellation or a reschedule notice., Valid ID required for all reservations., Partial payments or deposits will not be accepted., We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, money orders, or cash., No Personal Checks., A valid credit card is required to reserve a Theme Suite. , Credit card will be billed immediately., There are no refunds for Theme Suites, for any reason., If the Theme Suite reservation cannot be used, a 48-hour notice is required and the reservation may be rescheduled one time for up to six months from the date of original deposit. , After six months, all deposits are forfeit., All reservations for Theme Suites must have a security deposit at check-in in the form of a credit card imprint or cash., All reservations for Theme Suites must have credit card imprint for security deposit at check-in.

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$30 for a $60 Voucher to be applied on a Theme Suites Rental from Wildwood Inn

You don't have to travel to some far-off land to spend the night in some exotic locale!

Located in nearby Florence, KY, the Wildwood Inn is the perfect destination for your overnight accommodations...from vacation to staycation to quick getaway!

With an authentic African Safari Hut Village and 25 Theme Suites, the Wildwood Inn now offers a total of 122 rooms, more than half of which feature private spas.

SAVE BIG with this one-of-a-kind offer on any of the Wildwood Inn's unique Theme Suites and your stay will be even more enjoyable!

Buy, book and begin your aventure with Buy the Tri and the Wildwood Inn.

Comments for Wildwood Inn

"This place is expensive, but you get what you pay for. I've been here twice. Once in the Aztec Jungle room, and once in the Pirate Ship room. Both rooms were really neat. My favorite part of the Aztec Jungle one was the mirror on the ceiling above the king size bed. It was awesome. The jungle theme was also pretty cool to take pics by. I also liked the table that looked like it was made out of a tree trunk. My favorite part of the Pirate Ship room was the awesome deck. They have an upper level with a helm, or as I'd like to call it a steering wheel for kids to play with. They also have a table up there which was fun for playing cards, and an extra pool out bed. Both rooms had a huge shower, and a large jacuzzi. Everything was clean. I had a blast without even going to the pool. I know that if you go through the week you'll get a better rate. Also, they have coupons in places like Entertainment books and Reach Magazine. I look forward to going back in the future and trying out some more rooms, like the Caves and Treehouse. Donielle W. Covington, KY"
"love love love love love loved this place!!!! i came here in February of 2004 with my boyfriend (who is now my hubby) for his birthday. We stayed in their Arizona Cave theme room. How fun! the suite looked like a "cave" inside. there was a fireplace and a hot tub and a big comfy bed. When we first walked in it reminded me of the Flinstones ... weird, maybe? fun? hell yeah!!!!! the room was very clean. the hotel was quiet. we never really heard any of our "neighbors". Even though they were doing some construction while we were there it wasn't a problem. we had absolutely no trouble with any part of our stay. and it was so much fun! i mean -- where else can you sleep in a cave but not have to bring a sleeping bag or worry about bears?!?! Rebecca O. Warren, MI"
"Ok, the Wildwood Hotel is pretty awesome in the fact that when we stayed there, we stayed in the Aztec Jungle Room and it looked and felt like an Aztec Jungle Room - they really decorated better than most any room I have ever seen. You can get pretty adventurous in that place, but it was more themed for kids. Even the Aztec Jungle Room had two bunk beds off in the corner - when i I was staying, it was just with me and my hubby - so the bunk beds were not, of course needed. But if you have kids and are checking out Newport on the Levee or Cincinnati, Ohio - it is super smart to stay there and travel the 15 minutes to these locations (Newport on the Levee and Cincinnati are right next to each other). If you are more on the prowl to discover the city night life, Wildwood is kinda out of the way. It would be a fairly long cab ride from Wildwood to the downtown life... The staff at Wildwood was amazing - when we were checking in, my husband dropped the cooler and our vodka bottle exploded on their Aztec hard floors. Glass was everywhere. I went to the front desk and they promptly came over and helped me clean up the damage. They also referred us to Skyline to experience three-way, four-way, and five-way Cincinnati Chili - it was a very awesome experience and not exactly like the Chili that we expect - chocolate is their secret ingredient! It is addicting in the weirdest of ways! There is an indoor swimming pool/mini water park for kids there as well - wristbands are free when you check into the hotel - this is one of those hotels that both parents and kids could enjoy alike. You could relax, do work while the kids had a blast playing in the hotel and enjoying the themed room amenities. They also had little tiki huts that you could stay in in their tiki village - it was really a cool little place - I would definatly go back their with the kids - but if I was doing a romantic get away with me and hubby, I would stay closer to the downtown area so I could enjoy the nightlife.... Hmm...I say that, but their rooms were just so cool - I don't know - I might end up back there, just the two of us again, I am torn! Sarah M. Nashville, TN"

About Wildwood Inn

The Wildwood Inn opened in 1932. The first room was a one-room cabin that rented for twenty-five cents.

In 1962, Gene Kelly purchased the thirty-two room motel. When Gene passed away in 1976, his son, Tom Kelly, took over. In 1978, Tom put the first spa into a room, which was a ground-breaking idea.

In 1985, the pool area was enclosed, creating a Tropical Dome. These additions made the Wildwood Inn Tropical Dome and Spa the sensation it is today.

In 2004 we started construction on our newest addition that replaced the original building that it all started in. This added twelve more Theme Suites and brought our room total to 122.

For the first time ever, half of our rooms now have private spas, while the other half are regular hotel rooms. Through four generations, the whole family, all the way down to Gene's great-grandchildren, have contributed in the sweat, tears, and ideas that have made the Wildwood Inn what it is today.

To God, family, friends and customers, Thank you for being a part of the Wildwood Inn's past, present, and future.

From vacation to staycation to quick getaway, Wildwood Inn in nearby Florence is the perfect destination for your overnight accommodations.

Shi-Awela Safari Village

In English, Shi-Awela translates to “a peaceful place of rest”.

This secluded African safari village includes twelve authentic African bush huts circling a small lagoon, authentic African-style landscaping with thorn trees, natural veldt (long grass), and a bamboo-like fence and gates.

Each hut has individual private parking at its front door. Inside the African Hut, surrounded by authentic African décor, you can relax in your own two person spa our on the king size bamboo mosquito netted bed.

Theme Suites

  • Aladdin - Take a magic carpet ride to faraway places in the Aladdin Suite! Lose yourself in the pampered luxury of a Bedouin tent. Soak your cares away in the spa at your own private oasis!
  • Arctic Cave - A suite made of solid ice or so it seems, the new Arctic Cave. Relax in the hot spa flowing from the melting glacier. Then warm yourselves by the virtual fireplace.
  • Arizona Cave - Shaped by the Winds and Water of Nature the Antelope Canyon of Arizona was formed. Even more recently we have modeled one of our newest cave rooms after it the Arizona Cave.Relax in your private desert spa then enjoy yourselves by the virtual fireplace.
  • Aztec Jungle - If you are looking for adventure this room is for you. Explore the deep jungle and find ancient ruins and lots of family fun.
  • Champagne Spa - Spend a Sparkling Evening for two in our one-of-a-kind Champagne Suite! Ascend a spiral staircase to the second story to enter the Champagne glass-shaped spa. This is a non smoking Suite.
  • Country - Yuns gots to stay the night in the 1948 Ford pickup truck sittin in the middle of our front yard. Take a dip by the shed in yer own spa tub. Enjoy the good ole country life while you dream away in the ole rockers, or watch the TV in the outhouse. This room has all the fixins for a real good stay!
  • Cupid - Bring your Sweetheart. The Cupid Suite celebrates Valentine's Day every night! You and your love will be pampered in this lush and lavish red and white decor. Feel the irresistible flames of romance when basking in the sensuous splendor of a red, heart-shaped, two-person spa. Careful though, the Cupid Suite is where you'll be a passionate target for Cupid's arrows of love.
  • Happy Days - Take you back to the 50's. Our Happy Days Suite is a huge back-to-the-fifties fantasy trip for you and your really cool date! When you step into this colorful re-creation of the fantastic fifties, you'll never take a back seat for thrills again. For you, it's a queen-size bed nestled in a beautifully restored 59 Cadillac Convertible, the model with the biggest fins of all. You can almost hear Marilyn, James Dean or Elvis reminiscing in the corner Diner in this exciting Suite. Come, let your pony tail down and hang up your leather coat!
  • Kentucky Cave - Rough it like they did in the stone ages! It’s another time another place True to prehistoric life the stalactite and stalagmite formations create a cave-like atmosphere for the cave man or woman in you. Shed your worries and slide into a wonderfully warm Spa. Stay in the Kentucky Cave Suite and close the door to your cares and concerns. Cast off your inhibitions. Get back to the basics.
  • Nautical - Sail away to a high seas adventure as you embark on an evening of pleasure in the Nautical Suite. Beautiful hand-painted wall murals vividly depict South Sea Ocean Scenes and when your mood is mellow, slide into the soothing spa in a mirrored alcove. Then, go to the docks to a king-size bed-in-a-boat. ALL ABOARD for a Love cruise in our Nautical Suite.
  • New Mexico Cave - It's another world away...inspired by the spectacular Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. Seemingly carved out of solid rock, this spacious, subterranean room takes you on a time-traveling experience to prehistoric times. With mood lighting glowing around the room, creating a feeling of sensuous solitude, relax in your own cavernous Spa.
  • New York Central Park - Experience the peace and tranquility of New York's Central Park while viewing the skyline of the big city! Sit on a park bench and watch the world go by (on your big screen t.v.) Look down on the world from your own garden balcony, while you soak your cares away in your own private spa!
  • New York Statue of Liberty - Imagine being an immigrant coming to this country. Imagine staring at Lady Liberty as she comes into view! This room will make you proud to be an American! Experience the thrill of New York City without leaving Northern Kentucky.
  • Oriental - Come explore the mysterious, exotic Orient, in our Oriental Suite! Enter this splendid suite and be an instant emperor and empress. Its exotic elegance is yours for an evening of relaxation.
  • Pirate Ship - Sail the high seas in the Pirate Ship Suite! Bring your sea legs Mate!
  • Polynesian - Sail away to a tropical island paradise! Relax in the shade with a cool drink in your hand. Take a stroll across the beach. This is what life is all about!
  • Royal - Decorated with antique reproductions of the early 1900's. Inviting colors and elegant furnishings are tastefully blended in this spacious suite.
  • Speedway - Sleep in the middle of a race in our Speedway Suite! Rev up your engines and spend a night in our Speedway Suite, the fast track to relaxation after a day in the rat race or after a day at the new Kentucky Speedway. You can sit in real race car seats in front of a 6' x 8' TV screen and watch a race. To accent the decor of this suite, more than 50 racecar models, racing memorabilia, posters, and authentic signage are on display, as well as a real authentic racecar. The new Kentucky Speedway in is 25 minutes from our Wildwood Speedway Suite. Let "Team Wildwood" take you to the checkered flag in our Speedway Suite.
  • Tennessee Cave - Spelunking at its best! It is hard to imagine the creation of such splendor, hidden underground!
  • Tree House - Ready for an adventure? Your family can be The Swiss Family Robinson in The Tree house Suite! Enjoy the King sized bed suspended by vines. Relax in the wicker swing. Climb the spiral staircase hidden within the trunk of the tree on the way to your own a relaxing soak in your own private hot spring!
  • Utah Canyon - Sleep out under the stars, with amazing rock formations all around. Rest from your "outdoor adventures" in your own bubbling hot springs!
  • Venetian - The Venetian Room is an escape to old Venice. Sleep in the twin gondolas as they rest in the canal painted murals. Relax at the Venice café by the water at the end of a long day. Enjoy the Venetian Spa surrounded by beautiful murals.
  • Victorian Floral - Take a trip back in time. Visit a place where grandeur and elegance are a way of life. Experience the refined luxury of the Victorian Floral Suite. You may never want to return home.
  • Victorian Tapestry - Take a trip back in time. Visit a place where grandeur and elegance are a way of life. Experience the refined luxury of the Victorian Tapestry Suite. You may never want to return home.
  • Western - Hop on your ponies and return with us to the Wild West in our Western Room. It's like you've gone back in time to a western town inn. It even has an iron bed and poker table. Spectacular Western wall murals let you escape to those thrilling days of yesteryear when men were men and women were glad of it.

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