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The Fine Print:

Expires 6 months after purchase, Offer is good for 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child. Additional guests can be added and we can help book their air flights if desired., You may purchase more than one voucher, however only one voucher is redeemable per room booked., You have up to 2 years to request your travel dates and travel using your voucher., *Offer is good once hotel accommodations have been booked through One Stop Travel; there is a minimum number of nights required, depending on the departure/destination requested (most range from 4 – 8 nights), Buyer must agree to the terms & conditions and uphold them through the redeemable period, Vouchers may also be purchased as gifts to recipients who agree to terms & conditions, Most holidays and special events are not available. Blackout dates may apply. Currently blackout dates include the weeks before and after December 25th., 45-advance date travel request notice is required., Please allow 7 days post purchase for your voucher codes to be processed and to submit your travel request via our web site.

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$118 for 2 Round-Trip Airline Tickets* to Over 50 Destinations Departing from Major U.S. Cities and 5 Major Canadian Cities ($1181 Value) from One Stop Travel powered by My Holiday Break, LLC

This offer is for a unique vacation voucher that allows you to worry less about fluctuating airfares and focus more on getting to your favorite vacation destination.

This voucher entitles you to 2 round trip airline tickets from major carriers like Delta, American Airlines, US Air, JetBlue and others to your choice of over 50 destinations with purchase of accommodations from One Stop Travel at published rates.

Choose from 3, 4 and 5 star participating hotels such as Hilton, Wyndham, Sheraton or exclusive golf & spa resorts for a minimum # night(s) stay paying the standard published rate, and you will receive 2 ROUND TRIP major airline tickets to get you there and back. 

For destinations:  http://escapetheordinaryonline.com/destinations

To see and calculate costs for minimum stays:  http://escapetheordinaryonline.com/main

About One Stop Travel powered by My Holiday Break, LLC


One Stop Travel has specialized in providing exceptionally valued vacations to millions of clients over the past 16 years. From corporations to families, they ensure that every client receives the service and quality they expect. They offer vacation packages, client retention and acquisition, related travel services as well as a full service travel agency.

One Stop Travel is a fully accredited ARC Travel Agency and is a member of IATA. One Stop Travel supports the following organizations: American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Special Olympics, National Kidney Foundation, PETA, Hound Haven, Best Friends and Save the Manatees.


Q. We are thinking of traveling on a specific date. Can you tell us if this is available?

A: Accommodations and flights under this offer are booked on a first come first serve, space available basis. 45 day advance travel date notice is required. We are unable to guarantee specific date availability prior to voucher purchase. Year round availability under this offer is very good. Most major holidays and special events are unavailable (especially the weeks before and after Christmas and Easter).

Q. What departure airports are available with this voucher ?

A. For a list of departure airports, please visit http://www.escapetheordinaryonline.com/main.

Q: What destinations are available?

A: There are 50 destinations for you to choose from which can be found at http://www.escapetheordinaryonline.com/destinations.

Q: What types of properties are used?

A: We offer 3, 4 and 5 star properties with brands like Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton and more. To view please follow the link and click on the destination to view properties at http://www.escapetheordinaryonline.com/main.

Q: Can you please explain this offer in simple terms?

A. Purchase of this voucher entitles you to 2 round trip air tickets from participating departure airports when you purchase accommodations for the minimum # of nights required for your desired departure/destination. Accommodations must be purchased directly from One Stop Travel at the rates quoted for your desired destination at http://www.escapetheordinaryonline.com/aboutoffer.

Q: How many night’s accommodations do we have to book (minimum stay required)?

A: The minimum nightly accommodations required are based on your selected departure airport/destination. When traveling in the Continental United States most destinations average stay is 4 to 7 days. For International travel and Hawaii the average stay is 7 to 12 days. To view the minimum # of nights for the departure airport/destination you are interested in booking, please visit http://www.escapetheordinaryonline.com/main.

Q: What will the total cost of my accommodations be?

A: To calculate estimated costs, please click on the link below, scroll to the bottom of the
page and use the online calculator designed to make your travel planning easier:

Q: Do I have to send any money in advance with my reservation form?

A: No, once we receive your request you will receive a confirmation detailing your reservation along with the payments terms. Normally a non-refundable deposit will be required if your reservation is booked more than 60 days in advance. The non-refundable deposit will range from $150 to $600 per person based on your destination with balance required 30 days prior to your travel date. If reservations are booked under 60 days full payment will be required within seven (7) days.

Q: Is the deposit refundable?

A: Your deposit is non-refundable and applied to the total travel balance due.

Q: What airlines are used?

A: All major carriers such as Delta, American Airlines, US Air, Southwest, JetBlue & more.

Q: Is there a catch?

A: That depends on what you call “a catch.” To receive your round trip airline tickets you must purchase the hotel accommodations through our travel agency (One Stop) providing you with the airfare and pay for air and hotel taxes.

Q: Are the hotel and resort rates inflated?

A: No, these rates are the published retail rates. They are the same rates the travel agents receive and use in their travel directories.

Q:  How much will the taxes be?

A: Taxes are not included and vary based on the vacation booked (accommodations taxes can run approximately 15% but vary and are not controlled by One Stop Travel). Airline fees and taxes are set by each airline in accordance with FAA regulations and will be quoted at the time of ticketing, we cannot quote in advance of purchase or travel request submission.

Q: Can I give the travel package to someone else?

A: Yes, it is fully transferable.

Q: Can I bring the kids?

A: Yes, hotels will take up to two children under 18, except for all-inclusive offers. We can help in booking their airfare also. Most airlines allow children under 2 to fly without charge if riding in the seat with you.

Q: Are there any black-out dates?

A: Most major holidays and special events are not available for many destinations. Minimal blackout dates, depending on location and dates. The weeks prior to and after December 25th are typically not available. For Canada & Mexico departures, the weeks before and after Christmas and Easter is blacked out.

Q: Can my voucher be extended?

A: Yes, based on the circumstances, we would be happy to extend any voucher as long as you provide an active voucher number.

Q: Can you book the airline tickets for our travel companions that are not participating in the program?

A: Yes, we are a full service travel agency. We can book everything from car rental to sightseeing tours.

Q: When do my airline tickets arrive?

A: Your airline “e” tickets will arrive in the form of an itinerary along with your other travel documents approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your departure date.

Q: Do I have to attend some type of presentation as part of this offer?

A: Absolutely Not.

Q:  Can I stay longer at my desired destination if I purchase the minimum # of hotel nights? 

A:  Absolutely.

One Stop Travel is an ARC Approved Member

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