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Ends 04/17 12:00pm
Enter to WIN - Rob's Riddle Easter Time Trivia presented by O'Charley's (Apr. 17)

Enter to WIN - Rob's Easter Time Trivia presented by O'Charley's (Apr 17)


Winning is easy! Simply answer the trivia question below, and then tune into the FOX19 Morning News on the next weekday morning to see if you have won. Winners will also be contacted by e-mail.  Rob's Riddle will be a daily feature on the FOX19 Morning News, so be sure to come back and play each day.

How to Enter the Daily Contest:

Submit your answer to the trivia question below. A new question will be posted each week day. A random drawing of all correct entries will take place daily. Each Rob's Riddle winner will win a $25 Gift Card to O'Charley's. There will be five winners of this contest during the week of April 14, 2014.

Daily Question: 

Enter by April 17 at Noon: What famous cartoon bunny is best known for the saying “what’s up doc?”

Previous Questions: 

Enter by April 16 at Noon: Where can you go to see the World’s largest Chocolate Easter Bunny? A: Sandton City, South Africa - Congratulations, Gina!

Enter by April 15 at Noon: In what year was the famous song “Here comes Peter Cottontail” composed? A: 1950 - Congratulations, Shannon!

Enter by April 14 at Noon: What color eggs does “Sam I Am” like in the Dr. Suess book? A: Green - Congratulations, Connie!

Enter by April 11 at Noon: After leaving school Princess Diana was an aide for what school grade? A: Kindergarten - Congratulations, Maureen!

Enter by April 10 at Noon: What well known English singer song-writer dedicated “Candle in the wind” to fit her? A: Elton John - Congratulations, Terri!

Enter by April 9 at Noon: Princess Diana was the vice-president of what British Society? A: British Red Cross - Congratulations, Arinette!

Enter by April 8 at Noon: Who is credited for giving Diana the title “The People’s Princess”? A: Prime Minister Tony Blair - Congratulations Aimee!

Enter by April 7 at Noon: In what year was Princess Diana born? A:1961 - Congratulations, Maya!

Enter by April 4 at Noon: What year did the rock band U2 come out with the anthem “It’s a Beautiful Day”? A:2000 - Congratulations, Leah!

Enter by April 3 at Noon: Which two states currently don’t participate in “Daylight Savings Time”? A: Hawaii & Arizona - Congratulations, David!

Enter by April 2 at Noon: The beginning of spring is marked by which event in the Northern Hemisphere? A:Vernal Equinox - Congratulations, Latonya! 

Enter by April 1 at Noon: Who wrote the poem “In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb”? A: Lorie Hill, - Congratulations, Christina!

Enter by March 31 at Noon: What does the term “Spring Chicken” mean? A: Young - Congratulations, Mark!

Enter by March 28 at Noon: Cirrus clouds are usually high, wispy and mainly made of what? A: Ice Crystals - Congratulations, Randy!

Enter by March 27 at Noon: Who is the FOX19 WXIX Meteorologist that graduated from Youngstown State University? A: Frank Marzullo - Congratulations,Martin!

Enter by March 26 at Noon: What country experiences the most tornadoes? A: USA - Congratulations, Lisa!

Enter by March 25 at Noon: The hottest day on record for Cincinnati was July 3rd, 1934. What was the recorded temperature? A: 108 - Congratulations, Angela!

Enter by March 24 at Noon: In Cincinnati the most precipitation on average occurs during what month? A: May - Congratulations, Denise!

Enter by March 21 at Noon: Between Ohio State and Cincinnati which school has won more NCAA Men’s basketball championships? A: Cincinnati-2, Congratulations, Connie!

Enter by March 20 at Noon: What school won the first NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament? A: Oregon - Congratulations, Desiree!

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
  • Only one entry per e-mail address will be accepted.
  • You must reside within the FOX19 viewing area to win a prize.
  • Prize winners must pick up their prize in person at the FOX19 Studios, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Photo ID will be required to claim your prize.

Good Luck!

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