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The Fine Print:

Expires 12 months after purchase, Limit one certificate per round-trip ticket., Not valid for ground transportation or with other offers or promotions., Not valid on one-way., Flights are M/TU/WED/TH/F, subject to seat availability., Reservations must be made at least one business day prior to travel date by calling 1-800-437-3931., The $300 credit will be applied to the total fare of $749 or $449 will be collected when booking., Certificate not redeemable for cash, must be used in full and not valid for taxes., Ultimate Jet Charters shall have no liability for delay or failure to furnish services associated with this ticket., Neither 41919 Deals nor 41919deals.com is responsible for lost or stolen certificates., Travel must be booked and completed within one year from date of purchase.

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Featured Deal: Ultimate Air Shuttle Sale, Save 50% - NEW YORK $300 Travel Credit for Only $150 from Ultimate Air Shuttle

You will receive: A $300 travel credit towards one round-trip ticket to New York City via Lunken Airport (LUK) for $150!

Now flying to New York out of Lunken Airport.

Your $300 travel credit may be applied towards one round-trip ticket to New York City (via Morristown, NJ) LUK ($749). The $300 travel credit will be applied to the total fare of $449 and will be collected when booking your reservation.

New York Flights from LUK are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Safe, convenient, comfortable, affordable and with amenities that NO commercial air carrier can match, Ultimate Air Shuttle provides Cincinnati travelers with the Ultimate travel experience.

Ultimate Air Shuttle features the following V.I.P. amenities:

  • Simple No-Cost Bookings And Changes
  • No Parking Fees
  • 5 Minutes From Parking Lot To Jet Seat
  • No Baggage Fees
  • One suit case per person weighing no more than 50 lbs
  • One carry-on for overhead storage and one small carry on that can be stored under the seat in front of you
  • No Intrusive Security Scans
  • Spacious Cabin With 30 All-leather Seats
  • Great Food In-Flight
  • Morning Departures feature a light breakfast with complimentary drinks
  • Evening Departures feature an individual fruit, cheese and meat tray with complimentary drinks
  • Meet More Clients
  • Fly Clients To Visit You
  • Be Home For Dinner
  • 30-passenger Jet Service Using Dornier 328 Jets


  • Check-in as little as 15 minutes before your scheduled departure.
  • No ticket cancellation or change fees.
  • Up-close, FREE parking at private facilities.
  • No baggage fees and hassle-free security checks.
  • All applicable taxes and fees included.
  • No hidden charges.

Ground Transportation: Getting from the Airport to the City

Ground transportation to NYC from Morristown Airport (Round Trip $69.00, One-way $49.00) needs to be booked with us when you book your flight. The ten passenger customized van or shuttle bus is provided by Royal Coachman Worldwide.

The drop-off and pick-up location at Penn Station is located at 31st & 7th (identified by a Penn Station glass enclosure). It takes approximately 50 minutes for this trip each way. The ground transportation will be waiting for you upon your arrival to the Morristown Airport.

Click here for the full schedule from Penn Station going to Morristown. Must arrive 15 minutes before departure time. If the Ground transportation (Royal Coachman Worldwide) is running late the aircraft will stand by and await its return to Morristown. Passengers not utilizing the arranged ground transportation must arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to Ultimate Air Shuttle flight departure.

Ultimate Air Shuttle Flights are Public Charters sold and operated by Ultimate Jet Charters, LLC. as direct air carrier.

Click here for the Ultimate Air Shuttle website.

About Ultimate Air Shuttle

Ultimate Air Shuttle services are public charter flights that operate on a published schedule and are sold to the general public according to regulations issued by the Department of Transportation.

Charter flights are performed by Ultimate Jet Charters, Inc., an air carrier that is certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide charter services with 30 seat aircraft. Ultimate Jet Charters, in business since 1984, provides corporate shuttle services to Fortune 500 companies, Sports Teams, Group Travel, and Casino trips throughout the United States.

Ultimate Jet Charters is an Ohio based company headquartered at the Akron-Canton Airport. For more information about Ultimate Jet Charters go to: www.ultimatejetcharters.com.

Ultimate Air Shuttle flights are public charters operated by Ultimate Jet Charters, Inc. dba Ultimate Air Shuttle.

Ultimate Air Shuttle provides a flight experience that is comparable to what discerning charter clients expect – with the ease of purchasing an airline ticket.


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