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The Face Place

Learn more about 'The Face Place' (deals, coupons, contests and events)

Hours are by appointment.

Ask about our Skin Care Clinics and Spa Parties.

632 Main Street Milford, OH 45150
(513) 444-4739
Learn more about 'The Face Place'

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Featured Deal: $42.50 for a $85 Chemical Peel with Choice of Facial from The Face Place

Holiday parties on the horizon? Face your friends with a more vibrant visage this holiday season with a chemical peel AND your choice of facial at The Face Place in Milford!

Our chemical peel is made from pharmaceutical grade Glycolic and Salicylic Acid.

These ingredients break down the thickening epidermis layer of the skin caused by sun exposure, wind, smoking and aging.  The rapid exfoliation allows new skin cells to emerge at a guicker rate due to the chemical stimulation of collagen production and the benefits are many!


  • Resurfaces the skin.

  • Triggers a feedback mechanism for the skin to produce new skin cells.
  • Produces positive & visible color & texture changes to the skin.

  • Controls dry skin, acne, & brown spots.
  • Breaks down & improves the skin condition of in-grown hairs to control bacteria & reduce the production of acne.

  • Reduces skin wrinkling.
  • Improves the quality of the collagen matrix in the dermis.

  • Tightens & strengthens the skin.
  • Gives the skin an extreme dose of hydration.

  • Calms Rosacea redness & hydrates Rosacea dry skin.
  • Excellent regenerating results for women dealing with hormonal changes.

  • Helps diminish acne scars & large pores.
  • Eliminates blotchy patches on the skin.

  • Produces a 300% increase in the moisture content of the skin after application.

According to Standford University research, chemical peeling on a monthly basis is the best preventive treatment you can receive to stave off potential non-melanoma skin cancer.

Bring back the warm glow of summer with today's Holiday Mall deal from The Face Place!

About The Face Place

Let's face it; most women don't start caring for their skin until it's too late. And frankly your face is one of your most important features. It's how we recognize and remember each other.

For memorable good looks and to keep your face looking fab, we invite you to try The Face Place, a Milford-based boutique that as the name suggests is a place that’s all about the face.

Owner Kathy Sutton opened The Face Place and dedicated her career to helping women reverse the damaging effects of sun exposure and inadequate skincare. She also provides education and products - some of which she formulated and manufactured herself - to protect clients' skin for the future.

Located in Milford at 632 Main Street The Face Place, which opened in 2010, offers skincare products, mineral makeup and chemical peels.

In addition to offering a variety of products and services, The Face Place also hosts clinics, events and parties, which are perfect for a girls night out, or even a mother-daughter day.

The Face Place, providing women and men superior quality and high performance skin care, makeup and services.

The Face Place is a member of the Milford Chamber of Commerce.

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632 Main Street Milford OH, 45150
(513) 444-4739