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Expires 12 months after purchase, This deal is not available for instant print. Gift Card will be mailed by 41919 Deals in 3-5 business days., Gift cards may be redeemed at any Cincinnati-area Skyline Chili restaurant location., May not be used to purchase gift cards or other certificates., 41919 Deals and 41919deals.com are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards., All sales are final.

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Featured Deal: $5 for a $10 Gift Card from Skyline Chili

Today's fantastic deal gets you one $10 Skyline Chili Gift Card good at any Cincinnati-area Skyline Chili location for only $5.

The Gift Card will be sent via US Mail for arrival within 3-5 business days.

With dozens of locations around Cincinnati, you’re just minutes from Skyline Time.

And with this terrific Skyline Chili Gift Card deal you can enjoy twice the taste at half the price...with enough left over to bring along a friend!

Smile. It's Skyline Time!

CLICK HERE to find your nearest Cincinnati-area Skyline Chili location.

About Skyline Chili

Our History

From a small kitchen in the village of Kastoria, Greece, a fascinated young Nicholas Lambrinides watched as his mother and grandmother prepared authentic Greek dishes. Their recipes had been passed down from generation to generation. These were unique, wonderful dishes that had the power to bring his whole family together.

Nicholas dreamed that one day he would bring these recipes and traditions to America, where he could share them with friends and family. In 1949, his dream came true when Nicholas opened his first restaurant overlooking the skyline of Cincinnati, Ohio and began serving his delicious secret recipes to appreciative customers.

Since then, Skyline Chili’s Coneys, Ways and table-side service have been enjoyed by generations. Our Chili continues to be made from Nicholas’s original recipe, using a secret blend of spices and only the highest quality ingredients. Skyline is dedicated to bringing friends and families together for an experience like no other and we will always be devoted to the American dream of that young man from a small village in Greece.

The Secret of our Great Flavor

Since 1949, we’ve made our original secret recipe chili the same way. Some people say our Greek-inspired chili is more of a pasta sauce. Well, whatever helps. We just want you to try it. Because we think you’ll love it.

Our chili recipe is a closely guarded secret. The ingredients come together for a unique and unforgettable Skyline flavor. Some of our fans go so far as to say the food and the experience actually enhances their mood.

The Skyline Experience

Equal to our focus on food quality stands our commitment to service. Our waiters and waitresses enjoy being with customers and strive to give you a positive experience. They deliver free oyster crackers and free drink refills with a smile. They’ll offer suggestions. They’ll tie on your Skyline bib. And they’ll probably even laugh at your kids’ goofy jokes.

Your meal is served quickly on real china—the kind your grandparents would recognize—with metal flatware.

When it all comes together, we call it “the Skyline Experience.” And we know we achieved it by the smiles on customer faces.

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